Stay at home

Zondag 15 maart 2020

Dear readers of this joyful blog, 

In these strange days of global Corona threat, we are all fragile, each and everyone of us. Some more than others. One of them is my Kiki, whose health and resistance are challenged with reuma and immunosuppressive infusion treatments – she is in the high-risk group, just like many other chronically ill and elderly people.

As a precaution, we now keep social distance (‘self quarantaine’) as much as possible, by staying at home and not physically meeting people – to lower the risk for Kiki and avoid unintentionally further spread of the damn virus.

Somebody wrote today: “I’m not feeling ill, why would I stay at home?”
Well, because the longer you are unnecessarily roaming out there, the longer we will have to stay inside and hide from you…

Please support the vulnerable.
Spread the word, not the disease!

Be careful, stay healthy and strong! Preferably inside.