Golden brown

Maandag  6 april 2020

A simple family recipe.

My Kiki is coughing a lot. That is never nice, but nowadays it is extra alarming. Every time I hear her cough, my heart jumps. Cough combined with elevated temperature makes us immediately think of the worse. What would before be just a sign of unpleasant cold, now rings the scary Corona-alarm.

We are in almost total isolation with no close contact with others for weeks, but still. Kiki is in the high-risk group and sadly, the fear is real.

Luckily, her fever never goes above 37,8 and for the cough we have a secret remedy from my childhood. It calms and soothes the throat after aggressive coughing attacks. As a nice side effect, making it fills our house with the sweet and warm smell of freshly made caramel.

Kiki did get Codeine tablets for the night, but still… My lovingly made caramel drink is taken with love. Maybe one day I get the love returned in a form of a golden brown, yummy, homemade apple pie (hint, hint).

This is what you need:
– 2 tablespoons of sugar per glass (2dl) of water – vertaald: neem 2 eetlepels suiker per glas water (2dl)

– melt sugar in the pan until golden brown, do not stir, just shake the pan – smelt de suiker in een pan tot ie goudbruin is. Niet roeren, alleen de pan bewegen.
– boil the water in the kettle – kook het water
– once the sugar is ready, remove it from heat and very carefully pour the water – als de suiker klaar is, haal het pannetje van het vuur af en giet het water er voorzichtig bij. Doe dit echt langzaam en hou de pan goed van je af, weg van kids en diertjes, want het spettert flink en is loeiheet!
– place it back on the cooker and let it slowly boil until all sugar is melted – zet het pannetje terug op het vuur en laat alles zachtjes pruttelen tot alle suikerkristallen zijn opgelost.